BEST Meditation Cushions

BEST Meditation Cushions & Accessories Reviews

I will help you choose the perfect Meditation Cushion , Pillow or chair for your needs!

​If you are looking for the right meditation cushion for your meditation sittings you have come to the right place! I have been practicing Meditation for many years now and over the years I have tried almost all the different kind of Meditation,pillows and cushions known to men. while there are many great cushions out there – you should know not all of them fit all needs, you need to carefully choose the right one that will fit your body type and your own needs.

If you in a rush, here is my top 4 picks:
Zafu Mediation Pillow
With Buckwheat Hul Fill
Mobile Meditator Inflatable
Meditation Cushion
Zafu Cotton Cushion
Oragnic Buckwheat

Cotton Zabuton
Meditation Cushion
zafu  Meditation Cushion
 Meditation Cushion for outdoors
second zafu  Meditation pillow
 under Meditation Cushion
Great back support
eco friendly buckwheat
Easy to wash – Removable
Excellent for travling
Adjustable by air chambers
High comfort levels
Easy to clean – removable
Large variety of colors
Love the back support 
100% cotton
Easy to wash
Great for carrying around
My Rating: 5/5

My Rating: 4.5/5

My Rating 4/4

My Rating: 5/5